Julia Boberg

Foundation Director

Born to English parents in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe , Julia spent her early childhood there and in Cape Town, South Africa. At the age of nine she moved with her family to England, where she completed her schooling and received a BA (Hons) in French from the University of Oxford in 1957.

In 1960 she married Einer Boberg and emigrated with him via Canada to the US.A., where she obtained her MA in French at the University of Iowa in 1963. She taught French at various colleges and universities and bore two sons (Charles, 1964, and Peter, 1967) before the family moved back to Canada in 1971 in order for Einer to become Chair of Speech Pathology and Audiology at the University of Alberta. In 1982 Julia earned a degree in Law. She decided not to practise but was able to use her law experience to teach French to civil servants at the federal Department of Justice for a year.

When Dr.Boberg and Deborah Kully founded the Institute for Stuttering Treatment and Research in 1986, Julia became the first office manager. She and her husband planned to retire in 1995, but because of his untimely death that year she continued to work part time to help provide some continuity. She retired in 2000 and now lives a very active life as member of the Faculty Women's Club, the Richard Eaton Singers, SAGE, and the downtown "Y", with many visits to her six grandchildren in Montreal and Boston and her siblings in England. She continues to volunteer with ISTAR, and has served continuously on the Foundation of ISTAR board during her retirement.


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