Heidi Van Aerde

M.Sc., R.SLP, SLP(C)
Speech-Language Pathologist

Heidi began working as a Speech-Language Pathologist for the Institute for Stuttering Treatment and Research (ISTAR) in 2017. After completing her Bachelor's Degree, Heidi went on to complete a Master of Science in Speech-Language Pathology at the University of Alberta, where she received the Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine Student Clinical Award.

Heidi began volunteering at ISTAR in 2011, and then completed three summers with the institute as a Research Assistant. Heidi joined ISTAR's clinic team after working as a Speech-Language Pathologist with preschool and kindergarten children in an early education setting.

At ISTAR Heidi works with children, teens, and adults who stutter, as well as with individuals with other speech and language concerns through ISTAR's Communication Improvement Program (CIP). While stuttering is Heidi's main clinical focus, she is also interested in and has received specialized training in treating children with severe speech disorders (and suspected motor speech involvement).

Heidi has completed specialized training or holds certification in the following areas:

  • Comprehensive Stuttering Program (CSP)
  • The Camperdown Program
  • Palin Parent-Child Interaction Therapy
  • Lidcombe Program for Early for Early Stuttering Intervention
  • Kaufman Early Intervention Program for Children with Apraxia of Speech
  • Prompts for Restructuring Oral Muscular Phonetic Targets (PROMPT) - Introduction to PROMPT Technique
  • Let's Start Talking (trained and mentored by Dr. Megan Hodge)
  • Let's Talk Clearly (pre-course with Dr. Megan Hodge and mentoring with Lynn Smith)
  • Rapid Syllable Transition Treatment (ReST)