Our Team

Marilyn Langevin

Adjunct Associate Professor

Dr. Langevin has a long history with ISTAR, having served as Clinical Director prior to pursuing PhD studies at the University of Sydney in Australia. Dr. Langevin was re-recruited to the University of Alberta and ISTAR in 2007 where she has made remarkable progress in further developing her program of research, developing collaborations and building research capacity across the province and within ISTAR.

As Director of Research, Dr. Langevin is responsible for conducting, promoting and facilitating leading-edge research into the nature, social impact, and treatment of stuttering and stuttering related clinical education, and developing and leading a research group centred at ISTAR.

Dr. Langevin co-developed the Comprehensive Stuttering Program for adolescents and adults (Kully, Langevin, & Lomheim, 2007) that was first established by Einer Boberg and Deborah Kully in 1985, co-developed the Comprehensive Stuttering Program for School-age Children (Langevin, Kully, & Ross-Harold, 2007), and developed Teasing and Bullying: Unacceptable Behaviour (TAB) (Langevin, 2000). TAB is a bullying prevention program that also aims to educate students about stuttering.

Dr. Langevin retired from her role as Director of Research at ISTAR in December 2015, however continues to work with ISTAR on projects related to fluency in her new role of Adjunct Associate Professor with the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders.