Research & Education

Our most important research goals are to discover the cause of stuttering and how it can be treated most effectively. We believe that research is fundamental to vital and progressive clinical practice.
  • Current Research

    Projects in progress include:

    -an evaluation of the long-term outcomes of the Comprehensive Stuttering Program conducted in the Netherlands

    -an investigation of the effectiveness of an anti-bullying program

    -an evaluation of the effectiveness of stuttering treatment via telehealth

    -studies of the effectiveness of video self-modeling in promoting fluency maintenance

    -the impact of post-concussion communication difficulties on daily life

  • Past Research

    Some of our areas of research have included:

    -a pioneering investigation of brain activity before and after therapy

    -studies of post-treatment maintenance

    -a study of the inter-clinic agreement in measures commonly used in the assessment of stuttering

    -investigations of the outcomes of intensive therapy 1 and 2 years after treatment

    -development of a scale to measure peer attitudes toward stuttering

    -a study of the speech naturalness of clients who have completed therapy

    -an investigation of teasing and bullying among children who stutter

    -with colleagues in Holland, an investigation of the relationship between pre treatment profile and treatment outcome