The Division of Cardiac Surgery offers fellowship training programs in three cardiac sub-specialty areas: Adult Cardiac Surgery,  Pediatric Cardiac Surgery, Cardiothoracic Transplantation.  These fellowships have an appointment of 12 months with the possibility of a 2nd or 3rd year contract renewal. 

Educational Objectives

The goal of the fellowship is to provide a comprehensive, multidisciplinary training to individuals committed to a career in adult cardiac surgery. The fellowship training will provide a broad exposure to the full range of clinical problems encountered in a tertiary full-volume cardiac surgery practice.

Fundamental Components of Fellowships

The fellow must participate in the following:

  • evaluation, management, operation and post operative care of a minimum of 200 cardiac surgical cases
  • call duties with the other cardiac surgery residents as well as care of patients in the cardiac surgery intensive care intensive
  • exposure to the interdisciplinary management of cardiac surgical patients
  • development and implementation of cardiac surgical research at cardiology/cardiac surgery conferences, academic half day sessions, wet labs, and journal clubs




All interested applicants pursuing a fellowship at the University of Alberta should provide a current CV, three letters of reference and a letter of interest, specifying which fellowship you are pursuing and your motivations.  Applications can not be accepted without the IELTS as fellows can not be licensed in Alberta without the required IELTS.   Please see the website for further details.



Application should include the following documents: 

  • curriclum vitae
  • Letter of interest outlining the objectives of training you are seeking
  • IELTS results if completed
  • three letters of reference

Please email the above documents to the following coordinators:

Adult Fellowship Program

Fellowship Director: Dr. Michael Moon

Fellowship Coordinator: Kennedy Parayko

Email: knparayk@ualberta.ca


Pediatric Fellowship Program

Fellowship Director: Dr. Mohammed Al Aklabi

Fellowship Coordinator:  Kristin Rimmer

Email: Kristin.Rimmer@ahs.ca