Medical Students

The objectives of the MD training program are to provide the trainee with a solid grounding in General Surgical principles and the management of sick and complex patients. These goals are achieved through the four-year Undergraduate Medical Education (UGME) program at the University of Alberta. Years 1 and 2 are pre-clinical years in which the material is presented in a series of system-based course blocks. Each block presents the material in a reasoned progression from basic information to clinical application. Year 3 is a clinical year and includes clinical studies, rotations and electives. Six weeks of year 3 will be spent on a General Surgery rotation at two of the four hospital sites in Edmonton. The structure of the six clinical teaching units ensures that medical students get not only an intense preceptor-based education, but are also intimately involved in the individual hospital General Surgical Service. Year 4 is a clinical year and also includes clinical studies, rotations and electives.

As part of the Division's UGME activities, one or two summer students are engaged annually in addressing research questions based around education issues, research activities in experimental surgery and as well as PhD level research.

UGME activities of the Division of General Surgery are maintained through the Office of Surgical Education (OSE) by the Undergraduate Surgical Education Team.

Director: Dr. Ioana Bratu, Clerkship Coordinator for SURG546 General Surgery: Dr Ken Stewart
Undergraduate Medical Education (UME) Program Administrator, General Surgery:Diane Osborne

Address: Room 237-5, CSC, Royal Alexandra Hospital
Phone: 780-735-5961
Fax: 780-735-5459

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Handouts for 3rd Year Medical Students

Dr Dabbs: The Breast: Masses and Cancer

Dr DeGara: 20 Ano Rectal Questions, Surgical Clerkship 546 Seminar

Pediatrics: Dr Bratu Seminar 1, Peds Gen Surg Handout, Peds Surg Article, Peds Surg Article 2

Dr Sample: Small Bowel Obstruction

Suture Skills: Surgical Infection, Suture Chart

Dr Ken Stewart: Surgery 542 Trauma