What We Do

Systems Development

Our highest priority is to support and implement services and systems whose affects are both broad reaching and enduring. This requires diligent consultation to uncover the real needs of the community.

Academic Research

Ethical clinical research is a natural companion to systems development. It facilitates the critical appraisal of our work, helps to guide future endeavors, and contributes to our collective knowledge as a medical community.

Surgical Education

Surgical education is the foundation of any academic surgical community. Cross-pollination of new ideas and surgical techniques between academic centers provides a richer experience and understanding for both institutions.

Surgical Care

Direct surgical care of patients is very gratifying for the individuals involved. Indeed, the unique patient-surgeon relationship into which surgeons are privileged to enter is, for many, a prime motivator. The shortcoming of this type of service work is that it does not affect an enduring change within a community and is not self-sustainable. The care needs of vulnerable populations are staggering and demand a well-rounded approach of interdisciplinary care. Any direct surgical care that is to be provided must be done in a safe environment that upholds the highest surgical and ethical standards.