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Dr J.O. MetcalfeLECTURESHIPS & BUSARIES : J.O. Metcalfe Lectureship Fund

“I will look upon him who has taught me this art even as one of my parents”

-Hippocratic Oath,
circa 400BC

Dr. J.O. Metcalfe succeeded Dr. Gordon Ellis as Chief of Urology at the University of Alberta in 1958. He established a well-organized, well-recognized, highly successful resident training program, which he ran with style and verve for the next 17 years. That training program, carried on by Drs. Lakey, McPhee and Chetner, has placed approximately 45 highly competent Urologists in the field. If it had not been for “J.O.’s” program, half the male seniors in western Canada would not be able to pee a drop.

Dr. J.O. Metcalfe We feel the time has come to give him some permanent recognition. We have established the “J.O. Metcalfe Lecture in Urology” in perpetuity. The money generated by this fund would provide an honorarium and travel expenses for a speaker selected annually.


To fund a guest speaker to bring the most current research or clinical topics in Urology to the attention of clinicians, researchers, residents and interested students. The selection of a speaker would be at the discretion of the Director, Division of Urology, Department of Surgery. If a suitable speaker cannot be arranged for in any academic year, then the funds may rollover until the next year., but it is the intent to use the proceeds annually to have a speaker.


Colleagues, former students, friends and associates of Dr Metcalfe.

Many thanks to the J.O. Committee for their time, determination and dedication to this project:

 Dr. R. Boake


 Dr. B. Lakey

 Dr. M. Chetner


 Dr. M. McPhee 

 Dr. T. Eid 


 Dr. G. Todd 

 Dr. RJ. Johnston


 Dr. P. Wilkin