Basic science and clinical research have been a strong focus of the Division of Urology at the University of Alberta. Currently, the Division is participating in a number of clinical trials both in urology and transplantation. The Division is also involved in wet bench research in the fields of oncology, photodynamic therapy and laser technology. Residents are not required to participate in basic science research during their five clinical years of training. However, there is an excellent opportunity for those wishing to pursue basic science research to obtain a PhD or MSc degree in experimental surgery through an established Clinical Investigator ship Program. This would require two years outside of, and in addition to, the five clinical years of urology.

Residents are expected to participate in a clinical research project each year. This is usually in the area of clinical outcomes or quality assurance. This paper is presented at the annual Prairie Urological Association Meeting held in February/March each year in Alberta. The resident is also expected to submit this paper for presentation at the Department of Surgery Research Day and/or an abstract to a national and/or international meeting.

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