Academic Faculty Development Committee Timeline

​Faculty Evaluation Committee (FEC) Review

The composition of FEC shall be: the dean (as chair), all department chairs, and at least two tenured faculty members elected by faculty council.

On an annual basis, each faculty member's progress will be reviewed by the department chair and FEC based on the U of A Faculty Agreement: Article 7 (University Responsibilities), Article 8 (Supplementary Professional Activities) and Article 13 (Faculty Evaluation). At appropriate times after the initial appointment, each faculty member will be considered for tenure and/or promotion (Article 12).

In addition to the Annual Faculty Report, objective documentation addressing the faculty member's contributions may include formal and informal feedback from students, peers, or supervisors; for those faculty members who are also members of interdisciplinary teaching and/or research groups (e.g. institutes, centres), input from team members outside the department and/or faculty will be considered.

For more information, read the FEC excerpt on Page 3 of the FoMD Guidelines for the Evaluation.

Timeline for Application for Promotion to FEC

To ensure sufficient time to assist all faculty members in preparing for the 2011 review, please adhere to the following timeline developed by the faculty development director.

Nov - Jan
​Discuss possible promotion with chair at annual review meeting

Feb- May
Electronically submit letter to the chair indicating your intent to proceed with promotion

​Submit all required documents (in hard copy) to the chair

Jul - Aug
​Chair requests review by internal and external referees

​All documentation submitted to the Dean's Office

​FEC meets and awards promotions to take effect the following July 1