Clinical Academic Colleagues Development Committee Timeline

Clinical professors are evaluated in accordance with (but not directly governed by) the FEC guidelines. To be eligible for promotion, an individual must have to spent five to ten years at any given level. It would be expected that the person promoted would have made significant contribution in at least two of the following domains:
  • clinical care
  • education
  • research
  • leadership/administration
Your Division Director acts as your start point of contact for promotion.

For details of Academic Promotion requirements and guidelines please download the Clinical Academic Promotion Criteria/Guidelines.

The promotions committee would meet and review the documents and make recommendations to the chair. Decisions would be announced shortly thereafter.

Timeline for Clinical Professors

Action Item
As soon as ARO comes out
Chairs office will forward the Annual Report Template and Annual Report Online (ARO) information as well as the Criteria for Promotion to all Clinical Academic Colleagues within the Department of Surgery
December 30
Deadline for Clinical Academic Colleagues to submit their annual report to their Divisional Director.
January 31
Deadline for Divisional Directors to meet with their staff who have submitted an annual report and to notify the Department Chair of those individuals who are eligible for promotion.
March 31
Deadline for submission of promotion material to the Department Chair. The promotion package should include letter from the applicant, a current CV, a minimum of two consecutive annual reports, and original teaching evaluations. **In the case of promotion to Clinical Professor, the names and addresses of three referees are to be provided. Referees are to be at the same rank or higher than the aspired rank, and one referee must be external to the Department of Surgery.*
The Promotions Committee will meet (in place of the Surgical Executive Committee the third Thursday in April). At this time the committee will review and discuss all requests for promotion. Successful candidates will be notified and the results will be forwarded to the Dean.
May 31
All recommendations are to be reviewed by the Dean.
July 1

Recommended promotions take effect

*The Chair's office is to contact the referees. It is not appropriate for the candidate to contact the referees