Uplifting People And Planet


In 2018, a new approach to sustainability at the University of Alberta was announced by the Vice-President (Facilities and Operations) and the Deputy Provost. The announcement set in motion the establishment of the Sustainability Council. Taking ownership for the university’s academic sustainability initiatives, we launched in time for the 2018–19 school year.

This annual report looks back on what we've accomplished in our first year. Our team had to gel quickly and we need to establish a strategic direction while continuing to run many of the best programs from the Office of Sustainability. Adjustments were needed to meet the new academic mission, but it took time to learn how. While there were some growing pains, this report shows that we successfully reoriented our offering and achieved tremendous growth in key programs.

The events that the Office of Sustainability was so well known for have continued to flourish: Sustainability Awareness Week, the Student Sustainability Summit, and a speaker series with the City of Edmonton and MacEwan University. The Certificate in Sustainability was given the attention and resources needed to grow significantly. In Fall 2018 and Winter 2019, the certificate enrolment rate doubled, and two new faculties were brought into the program.

In addition, the council has begun to lay groundwork for future growth. We are ready to grasp opportunities to collaborate (on campus or beyond), to suppport new experiential learning programs, and to tell the story of campus sustainability on a larger scale.

Thank you for joining us at the outset of this exciting journey. As we wrap up our inaugural year, the Sustainability Council has the energy and the momentum to champion the University of Alberta’s sustainability commitments and help our community lead in building a better world.

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