Our Purpose

Health & Well-being

Our university is a safe, inclusive, diverse, and respectful environment that meets the needs of the whole person.

We envision that all members of the university feel welcomed, safe and connected. We see health, equity and well-being integrated into all aspects of the university experience. The university’s policies, practices and services foster a safe, inclusive, diverse and respectful community. Individuals are encouraged to prioritize self-care and given an opportunity to make contributions to sustainability. Services are offered by many providers across the university to meet the needs of the whole person, paying attention to individuals’ unique abilities, identities and experiences.


  • Goal 5.1

    Support health, wellness and safety by delivering relevant, responsive and accessible services and initiatives.

    1. Strategy: Strategy: Encourage strong and visible commitments and supports for mental health.
    2. Strategy: Strategy: Support development of an integrated, institution-wide health and wellness strategy and increase awareness, understanding and participation in related services.
    3. Strategy: Strategy: Recognize and reward leadership in advancing health and well-being.
    4. Strategy: Strategy: Adopt standardized indicators for measuring student health and well-being.
    5. Strategy: Strategy: Explore opportunities to deliver a faculty and staff engagement strategy.
    6. Strategy: Strategy: Maintain safe work and study environments.
  • Goal 5.2

    Foster opportunities for learning about health and well-being.

    1. Strategy: Strategy: Empower student groups to improve their capacity to deliver health and wellness programs.
    2. Strategy: Strategy: Incorporate health and well-being information into orientation programming for new staff and students.
    3. Strategy: Strategy: Implement communications and outreach activities to improve student, staff and faculty awareness, understanding and use of health and wellness services.

Progress Highlights from 2016–17

Connects to Goal 5.1, Strategy i

In late January, during the week of Bell Let’s Talk Day 2017, the university posted a series of videos to help students assess their own mental health and social well-being. The videos cover topics such as recognizing when unhealthy habits (such as drinking six cups of coffee per day or not sleeping during exam periods) have been normalized, and the value of making social connections and contributing to community during university.

Connects to Goal 5.1, Strategy iii

In early 2017, the university challenged students, staff and faculty to come up with novel ideas for a healthy campus community. The Heroes for Health challenge highlighted four areas: social, physical, and mental health; and reducing high-risk drinking. Ideas could be awarded up to $5,000.