Our People

Sustainability Change Leaders

Across Facilities and Operations, Finance and Administration, Augustana Campus and Campus Saint-Jean, support staff are involved in sustainability initiatives within their portfolios. Please email sustainability@ualberta.ca for a listing of these contacts.

Sustainability Scholarship & Education, Office of the Provost

Name Title Phone Email
Wendy Rodgers  Deputy Provost    wendy.rodgers@ualberta.ca 
Frank Robinson  Director, Certificate in Sustainability  780-990-7487  frank.robinson@ualberta.ca 
Robert Summers Director, Sustainability Scholars  780-492-0342 robert.summers@ualberta.ca 
Justis Allard-Hagan Academic Assistant 780-904-9104 justis@ualberta.ca

Energy Management & Sustainable Operations, Facilities & Operations

Name Title Phone Email
Michael Versteege Manager 780-492-4024 mike.versteege@ualberta.ca
Leila Fanaeian Program Coordinator
780-248-5684 leila.fanaeian@ualberta.ca
Lauren Hall Program Coordinator 780-492-5206 lauren.hall@ualberta.ca
Michelle Hauer Project Planner
780-492-9326 mshauer@ualberta.ca
Shannon Leblanc Program Coordinator 780-248-1489  shannon.leblanc@ualberta.ca

Office of Sustainability

Name Title Phone Email
Shannon Leblanc Transition Lead 780-492-7162 shannon.leblanc@ualberta.ca
Nathalie Walker Project Services Coordinator 780-492-9289 nathalie.walker@ualberta.ca
Kurt Borth (on leave Summer 2018)
Project Planner 780-492-6893 borth@ualberta.ca
Trevor Chow-Fraser Project Planner 780-492-6876 trevor.chowfraser@ualberta.ca
Maja Osmanagic Project Planner 780-248-1916 maja.osmanagic@ualberta.ca
Kayleigh Wiebe Project Planner 780-492-6472 kayleigh.wiebe@ualberta.ca
Alycia Pollard Associate Project Planner
780-492-6363 apollard@ualberta.ca
Aphra Sutherland Associate Project Planner 780-492-6889 aphra.sutherland@ualberta.ca
Ivan Ngandjui Touko Associate Project Planner
780-492-6363 touko@ualberta.ca