Centennial Centre for Interdisciplinary Sciences

The Centennial Centre for Interdisciplinary Sciences (CCIS) is an era-defining landmark. Located on the north end of the main quad, this bright, airy building houses laboratories, offices and classrooms.

CCIS was built on an infill site and replaces part of the old physics building; its main auditoria are underground, so the new structure has made more green space available on the site. The building’s ground floor is a stunning 40,000-square-foot Terrazzo Tile mosaic by artist Scott Parsons; the floor won the 2011 Project of the Year Award from the Terrazzo, Tile and Marble Association of Canada.

News and Stories

CCIS Awarded LEED Silver 

CCIS earns LEED certification for high performance in human and environmental health.

Collaboration and Innovation

Lockerbie and Hole Contracting dives into the technical aspects of building CCIS.

Learning to Fly 

Scott Parsons explains the artistry behind his award-winning terrazzo floor.