Learning and Programs

Glen Hvenegaard

Dr. Glen Hvenegaard is a Professor of Geography and Environmental Studies at Augustana Campus. Dr. Hvenegaard’s research and teaching focuses on conservation, ecotourism, biogeography and rural sustainability.

Since completing Leading Sustainability at Work, Dr. Hvenegaard has harnessed the skills he learned in the program and is putting them to work at Augustana and in the Camrose community.

Creating Change Locally

“Being a change agent means being a catalyst—raising ideas at the right moment with the right people. You need to be a role model with our community by providing information and supporting others.” 


“I heard Leading Sustainability at Work when I was researching funding options for the Augustana Miquelon Lake Research Station, a research station focused on sustainablility research and operations. I teach about sustainability, do research on sustainability and I am on the sustainability committee at Augustana Campus, so I thought it seemed like a good thing for me to do.” 

A Valuable Experience

“It was affirming to be in a group of like-minded people with similar motivation and passions. It was also a great networking opportunity, so I now have colleagues I can call on and they can call on me. The course was full of great ideas and good stories, which were inspiring.” 

A Successful Outcome

“The course motivated me to redouble my efforts and to weave some of the ideas into my work and community. For example, I made sure that our grand opening of the Augustana Miquelon lake Research Station was Green Spaces certified.”