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Michaela Mann

Michaela Mann is the Team Lead for Leadership and Recognition with the Students’ Union. After completing LSAW, Mann led her team in implementing a sustainability challenge across the Students’ Union to engage their staff in sustainable behaviour. 

Leading Change for a Better Community

“A change agent does something to make the place we work in and the community we live in a better place. A change agent makes those changes through taking action, influencing other people and leading by example.” 


“I took the course to learn how we can promote sustainability in our workplace, what kinds of research and resources were out there, and what approaches work best. When I asked my boss if I could take time for Leading Sustainability at Work, she said ‘Absolutely!’ and signed up all the other team leads too.” 

A Valuable Experience

“The course gave us the platform to collaborate in our work, as well as a motivation to do something specifically related to sustainability and create change within our work context.” Competing for Workplace Sustainability“We decided to host a summer sustainability challenge at work. We divided the Students’ Union into three teams and we used a points system for tracking sustainable behaviour.”

“We made the effort to include different aspects of sustainability. It wasn’t just environmental conservation—health and wellness was a big one for us. We set up boundaries for what work looked like, such as not checking and sending emails after hours. This one stuck around; people are making the effort not to email after work hours.”

A Successful Outcome

“What was neat about this challenge was that we got to highlight sustainable behaviours people were doing already. Another was hearing the changes people made, such as taking the stairs more because they did not want to miss out on points by taking the elevator. Seeing the slight shifts in behaviour was exciting and some of them have remained.”