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When given the opportunity to research, reflect upon, or otherwise examine a sustainability topic of their choice, what do undergraduate students do? In this exhibit, you’ll have the chance to take in the capstone projects of students in the Certificate in Sustainability. These projects have been developed and completed by Certificate in Sustainability students, with the guidance of our Academic Advisors.

This exhibit will be open for all of Sustainability Awareness Week; feel free to reach out to any of the students to learn more about their work! Check back here to see the projects.

Travis Erickson

Let's Talk Waste!

Waste is everywhere. Product designers have the opportunity to work around flawed waste management systems and provide an alternative to landfilling. How might we keep common household waste, such as coffee grounds and plastic water bottles out of the landfill?

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Alyson Kroetch

Determinants that increase Indigenous educational attainment within the Edmonton Catholic School District's Braided Journeys Program

This study asks students in the Braided Journeys Program what aspects of their experience contributed to their success in high schools.

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Liam Bolton

Concrete Jungle to Timber Jungle

Whereas concrete production emits greenhouse gases, wooden construction has the potential to sequester carbon. This project reflects on the benefits of cross-laminated timber and the factors that could lead to greater acceptance in the construction industry.

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Danielle Patzer

Community-based climate change monitoring

This presentation analyzes the challenges and successes of community-based climate change monitoring.

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Jiehan Zhao

Looking through COVID-19: health society and solutions

This research reviews integrated nutritional knowledge and
associated social information to help understand how the pandemic has affected global health and food safety and what we can do to improve this situation.

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About the Certificate in Sustainability

Open to undergrads in eleven faculties, the certificate helps your degree stand out and rewards your choice to study pressing social and environmental issues.

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