Food & gardening

Community Gardens

The university's community gardens are places where students, faculty and staff can grow fruits, vegetables and herbs.

The gardens supported by the Faculty of ALES are also on the cutting edge of community-engaged research. The Prairie Urban Farm was created by Dr. Debra Davidson to demonstrate and provide skill-building opportunities in urban agriculture and climate resiliency. The Edmonton Organic Growers Guild teaches year-round, climate-appropriate and organic growing techniques.

All of the gardens are important places of interaction between the university and the community. Join in to gain hands-on skills, propagate local knowledge, and give back to the community too.

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Sustainable Food
Working Group

This team is composed of students, academic staff, support staff and food vendors. Together, they explore ways to create a resilient food system at the University of Alberta. The working group has sponsored several undergraduate research projects in the past.

Students can connect through their Community Service-Learning classes or with an Undergraduate Research Initiative grant.

Examples of projects

  • food donation program development
  • healthy food campus survey
  • organize a panel discussion

To discuss your idea for a campus-based research project, please contact:

Sustainability Council