Clubs and organizations

Discover just some of the many sustainability-related clubs active at the University of Alberta. Follow the links to see what they've been up to and how you can get involved yourself.

Augustana & Campus Saint-Jean

Augustana Sustainability Initiatives

Shares projects, policies and events to elevate awareness and engagement in sustainability at the University of Alberta’s Augustana Campus in Camrose, Alberta.

Augustana Earthwise

This group was reborn in the 2010, offering students the opportunity to campaign for environmental issues, network with sustainability minded students, faculty, and community members, and to actively connect their coursework to real world scenarios.

Campus Saint-Jean Sustainability

Campus Vert is a group at Campus Saint Jean whose goal is to increase respect of the environment. The group is open to all CSJ faculty, staff and students to work towards sustainability. Each year, the group organizes the Semaine pour le développement durable to inform the CSJ community about sustainability issues that affect us all. 

Comité de développement durable

Located at Campus Saint Jean. Created at the request of students and staff, this committee works to formalize local sustainability initiatives and projects. Goals include promoting understanding of programs of studies, teaching, and research, reduction of waste, energy savings, and sustainable transportation. The committee is the promoter of green initiatives at the campus and in the surrounding community.

North Campus

5 Days for the Homeless (5D4H)
Annual event where a group of university students live "homeless" on campus for 5 days and 5 nights in an effort to raise funds and awareness to help combat youth homelessness in Edmonton.

Campus Food Bank

Founded in the fall of 1991, Campus Food Bank is a registered charity dedicated to eliminating hunger on the University of Alberta Campus. They provide emergency food services to members of the University of Alberta community under financial stress. As a member of the campus community, the Campus Food Bank is committed to building a greener University of Alberta through programs such as their reusable bag and egg carton donations as well as their ThinkRecycle program. You can also visit their Facebook page

Council of Canadians – University of Alberta Chapter

Founded in September 2007, the Council of Canadians – University of Alberta Chapter works on a variety of issues that are of concern to Canadians. The group works to protect Canadian independence by promoting progressive policies on fair trade, clean water, energy security, public health care, and other social and economic issues.

Eco Car

The Eco Car team strives to push the limits of sustainable design by building zero emission vehicles to compete in international competitions. Through participation in these competitions the team hopes to raise awareness about different automotive technologies and provide a showpiece for sustainable and innovative solutions. The team also plans to become heavily involved in the local community. The goal is to raise awareness in as many ways as possible, including school visits (elementary to high school), presentations about alternative energies, involvement in the Edmonton Auto Show, as well as creating a visible presence across the University of Alberta campus.

Energy Club

Dedicated to serving as a forum for energy policy, science and issues at the University of Alberta. They work to promote energy awareness in the university community and to explore solutions that meet society’s energy requirements. These solutions include new economic, technological, and sociological mechanisms that align global energy demand with generational capability. They encourage entrepreneurship, environmental awareness and clean technologies. 

Environmental and Conservation Sciences Students' Association (ECSA)

The ECSA is the official body that represents all undergraduate students within the Environmental Conservation Sciences (ENCS) program at the University of Alberta. They organize and facilitate events to encourage student socialization, and promote networking, professional development and information-sharing about local environmental events, policies and decisions.

Environmental Law Students' Association

The ELSA aims to promote environmental awareness within the Faculty of Law. ELSA sponsors guest speakers representing diverse viewpoints on pressing environmental issues, endeavours to reduce the faculty’s ecological footprint and organizes a variety of awareness-enhancing activities for students and faculty.

Engineers Without Borders Alberta Chapter (EWB)

A student-driven charitable organization dedicated to promoting human development through access to technology. They seek to make Canada the most pro-development country in the world by engaging and educating about sustainable development through public outreach events, presentations, and bi-monthly member education sessions. Their overseas volunteers are involved in capacity building projects with local NGOs, primarily in Africa. 

Forest Society

The Forest Society is an organization of undergraduate and graduate students with specific interests in forestry. The group’s objectives are to promote the practice of good forest stewardship, with respect to the concepts of sustainable yield, biodiversity, and multiple use. In addition, the organization gets involved in annual events such as loggersports, Christmas tree sales and mixers. 

Health Nuts

By providing students with free instructive kitchens financed by fundraisers, Health Nut’s goal is to educate and promote healthier lifestyles and food choices. Their regularly scheduled kitchens intend to teach basic cooking and budgeting skills in a student based learning environment that is open and friendly. They strive to provide the public with informative and accurate nutritional information as well as present students on campus with the basics of cooking nutritional meals on a budget. 

Health & Wellness Movement

The Health and Wellness Movement is a non-profit student organization committed to transforming the University of Alberta into a healthier campus. They strive to promote smarter food choices, more effective stress management, and ultimately, healthier living. A number of student-driven initiatives are continuously being spearheaded that intend to spark interest in the Health and Wellness movement and raise awareness among the campus community. You can also visit their Facebook page.

Net Impact

The mission of the U of A Net Impact chapter is to inspire, educate, and equip individuals to use the power of business to create a more socially and environmentally sustainable world. Open to Faculty of Business graduate students, Net Impact empowers students to use their skills to positively impact their surroundings, help them put their beliefs into action through sustainability efforts, and expands professional networks with other individuals who have demonstrated their commitment to corporate social responsibility.

Nutrition and Food Sciences Students Association

Nutrition and Food Sciences Students Association is a student run organization focused on uniting students in Nutrition and Food Science. As well, they provide helpful advice, resources and social opportunities. They are committed to making a positive difference in all Nutrition and Food Sciences students’ lives by providing resources such as job contacts, the exam bank, information on scholarships and internship, and networking opportunities through social events. They hope to bring students together to more thoroughly enjoy their academic career and to be more successful in their educational endeavors. You can also visit their Facebook page.

Oil Sands Student Delegation

The mission of the Oil Sands Student Delegation (OSD) is to provide an annual trip to Fort McMurray for University of Alberta student leaders. This trip is designed to expose student leaders to the various issues and stakeholders involved in Oil Sands development. By encouraging this inter-group dialogue, young leaders will have the chance to become well versed in various perspectives regarding oil sands development.

Organization of Botany Students

Active for over 40 years, the OBS is a well respected student organization within Biological Sciences, encouraging botanical interests among undergraduate and graduate students. Events include plant sales, specialty plant growing workshops, herbarium fridays and a 'big things walk'. The members of the club have a wide range of backgrounds from a variety of faculties.

Resource Economics & Environmental Sociology Students' Association

The REESSA is the governing body for graduate students in the Faculty of ALES' Department of REES. As the representative of students from diverse academic and cultural backgrounds, the group strives to organize events that encompass a broad range of interests, and that foster a fun and friendly environment in which to study and socialize.

The Students’ International Health Association (SIHA)

SIHA is a student-run non-profit organization that works both locally and internationally in rural regions in Tanzania, East Africa. SIHA’s projects are based on “Health for All” with projects structured around the goals of reducing child mortality, combating malaria, HIV and other prevalent diseases within the communities we work with. By delivering local, grassroots seminars on disease prevention and basic care, along with the distribution of basic health provisions and the promotion of local groups, SIHA aims to reduce the social and economic hardships presented by major health threats in low-resource settings. 

Sustain SU

Sustain SU, of the UofA Students' Union, provides peer-to-peer learning and support for all undergraduate students to incorporate sustainability into every aspect of their university experience. This includes providing sustainability-based services to the entire campus community, as well as opportunities to facilitate change on a larger scale. Visit their website to learn more about the Bike Library and Workshop, Reusable Dish Program, Farmers' Market, volunteer opportunities and more.