Eco Move Out

As you begin preparations to move out of residence, remember that you can donate and recycle anything you plan to leave behind. Donation bins are conveniently located right in your residence! Bins are provided for: old electronics, non-perishable food, toiletries, clothing, household items, and furniture.

What you can donate and recycle

Our community partners make sure anything you drop off is properly recycled, or given a new life as a donation.

  1. Non-perishable food and toiletries
    Unopened & non-expired: canned foods, pasta, peanut butter, etc.
    Full or partially used: shampoo & conditioner, soaps, moisturizers & lotions, etc.
  2. Electronics Waste
    Broken and unusable: computers, laptops, televisions, keyboards, printers, mobile phones, batteries, etc.
  3. Clothing, furniture & household items
    Clean & functional: kitchenware, small appliances and electronics, clothing, shoes, dishes, games, home decorations, furniture, etc.

Drop-off bin locations

Click the residence names below to view a map of bin locations near you:

Thank you to our sponsors and community partners:

Sponsors: since 2013, PODS Edmonton has provided storage containers and services that have been invaluable this program’s success. Waste Connections of Canada supports Eco Move Out through a financial contribution.

Other recipients: Bissell CentreCampus Food BankMustard SeedYouth Empowerment & Support Services.