Greenest Tower Cup

Residents living in Lister Hall are competing throughout the year for the chance to win the Greenest Tower Cup. In a series of events, individual residents can complete actions and earn points for their tower. At the end of the year, the tower with the strongest community and the greatest commitment to sustainability will earn the rightful title of Greenest Tower.


Henday Kelsey Mackenzie Schäffer
 450 700

Last updated: Feb 23, 2018

When can you earn points?

With Green Spaces certification for Residences, you can earn points any time of the year. Commit to greening your dorm room, and earn points based on how many actions you take on. Your tower will receive 30 points for gold certification, 20 points for silver, and 10 points for bronze.

Additionally, you can earn points at events throughout the year:

Green Spaces Challenge

Dates: Oct. 23–Nov. 10, 2017

Points: 10–30 points.

Residence Sustainability Week

Dates: Feb. 26–Mar. 2, 2018

Points: 1–25 points.

Darkest Tower Challenge

Dates: Feb. 26–Mar. 23, 2018

Points: 50 points / per cent electricity savings.