Resources and Funding

As part of engaging with the University of Alberta's research and teaching communities, as well as building bridges across disciplines, we have collected various resources and funding sources on this webpage. Please make use of these resources collected from across the university, as well as some that are created or managed by the Sustainability Council.

If you have questions or suggestions, email Trevor Chow-Fraser.

Funding for research assistants

Students gain experiential learning by conducting research. At the same time, they can participate in developing the solutions and data that we need to build a better world—the work that University of Alberta academics are doing every day.

If you are looking for a research assistant for a project you have in mind—or if you don’t have a project, but are willing to be a mentor—the Sustainability Council can help.

Funded through energy savings, Campus Sustainability Grants can be awarded to support “campus as a living lab” type projects—research that uses the university campus as a testing ground for more widely applicable sustainability solutions.

Research should improve operations and practices, advance the stewardship of our natural environment, conduct collaborative research in sustainability, encourage integrated and collaborative solutions to sustainability problems, or advance a culture of sustainability on our campuses.

Micro grants are available at any time for up to $2,000, while major projects can receive up to $50,000, disbursed three times a year.

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The Undergraduate Researcher Stipend enables undergraduate students to carry out mentored, interdisciplinary research projects. Students in any year and any discipline can propose find a supervisor and apply for a $5,000 stipend. Of particular note to sustainability research, a number of stipends are reserved for:

  • campus-based sustainability research
  • projects conducted by women, students with disabilities, or First Nations, Metis, and Inuit students and supervised by a Future Energy Systems researcher
  • projects supervised by a Faculty of Agricultural, Life & Environmental Sciences researcher
  • dissemination funding to support social justice research

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If the right student approaches us with an idea for an undergraduate research project, we connect them to potential supervisors on our affiliate list.

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E-Conferencing Toolkit

This guide compiles best practices developed over five years of running Around The World, an annual 24-hour livestreamed conference. Learn the right way to prepare tech support and how to get the most engaging presentations. Start to explore exciting new formats opened up by e-conferencing, and access resources here at the University of Alberta.

  • Build your case: understand the carbon footprint of air travel, the importance of air travel in the academic career, and how e-conferencing addresses both.
  • Master the tech set-up: get the right equipment with the right configuration, and learn from tested back-up plans.
  • Maximize interaction: Based on Around the World's experiments, learn how to maximize engagement between presenters and e-conference attendees.

This guide includes information on funding and technical support that you can access as a University of Alberta researcher. While this first version has been written primarily on the experience of Around The World, it will be updated in the future to include more resources and best practices from the growing number of e-conference projects at the university.

Start e-conferencing to bring new voices into the conversation, reach scholars in remote locations, and improve your carbon footprint.

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Updated Mar. 20, 2018.