Everyone on campus can become a sustainability change agent. Online resources provide educational materials and prompts, as well as easy steps to begin taking action. 

Fair Trade Campus Resource Guide

The University of Alberta is a Fair Trade Campus. As part of our commitment, all university and student union operated businesses sell Fairtrade coffee and tea. Major university events must also serve Fairtrade coffee and tea. If you organize conferences, community events and significant meetings, we can help you participate in the Fair Trade Campus.

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Hydration Stations

Take back the tap and your wallet! Grab a reusable water bottle and fill up on tap water. It's 1000x more affordable than buying water in disposable bottles and you avoid the ecological cost of all that plastic. Plus, tap water is better regulated, so it's safer to drink.

You can refill your bottle at a hydration station or water fountain. The map below displays the location of hydration stations across North Campus, Augustana and Campus Saint Jean.

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