Sustainable Swag Purchasing Guide

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Help UAlberta stand out from the crowd. Embrace purchasing ethical and eco-friendly promotional items.

Read this quick guide for best practices, a directory of suppliers, and an easy-to-use worksheet that will get you on the road to more sustainable purchasing.

Download the guide

  • Build a business case: understand the up-front costs and the longer-term benefits.
  • Supplier directory: start talking to new suppliers immediately, and know what questions to ask your existing contacts.
  • One-page worksheet: In 10 steps, you can easily determine the most sustainable choice among three different suppliers.

This guide was written as a 250 hour research project by Dr. Kateryna Pashkovska in 2016, when she was part of Sustainability Scholars. With professional mentorship from the Office of Alumni Relations, this guide reflects input from staff who make some of the largest purchases of promotional items on campus.

Learn from the best! Build your sustainable supply chain, and communicate your office’s commitment through quality swag that goes with a story of care.

Sustainable Swag Purchasing Guide (updated Nov 21, 2017)