Learning Day 2020 | Open Your Mind to the Potential

The Technology Training Centre is excited to announce
Learning Day: Open Your Mind to the Potential will take place on June 18, 2020!


Join our team of experts as we explore how popular applications from Adobe, Microsoft and Google can help you save time, improve workflow, communicate more effectively, share ideas and reach your full potential. Whether you're interested in advancing your career, starting a new project, trying something new or simply making your day-to-day work easier, Learning Day has something for everybody!


University of Alberta Alumni: Learning Day is eligible for the Alumni Professional Development Grant! Apply for the grant by May 27, 2020 - see https://www.ualberta.ca/alumni/career-support/career-services/professional-development-grants for details.

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Priscilla Bahrey, PMP

As a skilled project manager, speaker, trainer, facilitator and coach, Priscilla has a passion for helping people. Drawing on over 20 years of experience leading teams and designing and delivering training, she is skilled at building competencies within individuals and organizations. As a PMP certified consultant, Priscilla brings experience gained through various consulting engagements in finance, government, technology, oil and gas, higher education, and engineering sectors, and has successfully led teams through transition and organizational change. Known for her down-to-earth approach, excellent communication skills and dynamic public speaking abilities, Priscilla is able to engage and inspire, both virtually and in person.


Colin Lucas Rider

Colin is a SharePoint Solutions Architect with Create Simple inc. He has worked as a SharePoint trainer since 2003, teaching everyone from basic entry level users to advanced system administrators. Colin and his team work closely with clients to develop SharePoint and IT solutions to suit each organization’s unique needs, budget and user base, improving business efficiency and effectiveness. With over 17 years of experience, Colin has played an integral role in developing everything from a fully branded, responsive intranet for the University of Alberta Office of Advancement to public websites, custom project management apps, automated invoicing systems and more.


Rachel Wolters

Rachel Wolters is a professional workshop facilitator and public speaker. She has combined her passion for people and technology for the past 30 years and still loves what she does. Living in Alberta has allowed Rachel to work within many industries, Financial, Oil & Gas, Utilities, Refining, Transportation, Manufacturing, Provincial Government, Accounting, Municipal Government, Universities and Colleges. Whether it is working with a team to get their inboxes to zero, coaching them on how to be a productivity ninja, or seeing the light bulb come on when showing someone how to create formulas in Excel, Rachel is always excited to help people become more efficient, confident and productive at work.


Here are just a few of the sessions we'll be offering at Learning Day 2020. Check back often for updates!

See the Potential in Your People  |  Priscilla Bahrey

In today's business environment, organizations are being forced to do more with less - less money, less resources, less people. In project-driven organizations, we must protect project teams from influences that negatively affect their productivity. How can we focus on building the capability and capacity of our team and support them to achieve their potential while accomplishing project objectives?

Open Your Mind to Doing Things Virtually  |  Priscilla Bahrey

We no longer have the luxury to organize our dream team and have everyone contribute as they are co-located. Research shows that over 80% of organizations are now managing their project virtually – with team members geographically dispersed. How do you as the project manager or team leader get things done, create a sense of team and engagement when leading virtually? Can we open our mind to the potential of leading virtually?

Could Project Management Processes Help You Achieve Your Potential?  |  Priscilla Bahrey

Could incorporating Project Management processes into your work actually save you time and help you to accomplish more? These processes can streamline the way that you organize, direct and achieve your objectives. Open your mind to the possibility of approaching work in a different way and ensuring checks and balances along the way while benefiting from best practices and decades of experience from the project management discipline.

What is a SharePoint Intranet?  |  Colin Lucas Rider

SharePoint is a powerful tool that can be used to build fully customized intranets - secure, internal sites that allow staff to store, organize, share and access information from any device. In this session, we’ll cover the benefits of using SharePoint, including improved communication and document management. The differences between online and on-premise implementations and intranet vs department sites will also be discussed.

What is Office 365?  |  Colin Lucas Rider

Want to know what Office 365 is? Are you unsure of how to use all the different apps included in Office 365? This is the session for you! We’ll discuss how Office 365 differs from Office 2019, which applications are included in the subscription and how each of these tools can be used in conjunction with online editing features to help improve your workflow. Tools we’ll discuss include OneDrive, Teams, Groups, Outlook, Forms, Flow, PowerBI, PowerApps, SharePoint, Stream and Planner.

Using Microsoft Teams  |  Colin Lucas Rider

Included with Office 365, Microsoft Teams works as a centralized, shared workspace, bringing chat, video meetings, file sharing and easy access to all your Office 365 apps together in one interface. In this session, we’ll discuss how you can use Microsoft Teams to improve communication and encourage better collaboration across your organization.

Outlook Time Management  |  Rachel Wolters

We all have the same amount of time every day. Using that time well is fundamental to effective work practice. In this session, we’ll look at many of the challenges that cause time management issues, ways to change our own patterns, as well as the advantages and techniques of using MS Outlook to manage the diverse nature of our work life.

Excel Data List Management - Advanced Filtering  |  Rachel Wolters

Filtering data in a spreadsheet means to allow only certain data to be displayed. This function is useful when you want to focus only on specific information in a large dataset or table; however, using an Advanced Filter in Excel allows you to extract specific items to a different worksheet. In this session we’ll explore how to use complex criteria with an Advanced Filter, allowing you to go beyond the functionality of AutoFilters and extract the data you need quickly and efficiently.