Project Level 1

Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to accomplish the following: Understand the basic purpose and operation of the software, and work with windows, Ribbon tabs and buttons, and views. Create a new project and create, edit, and outline a task list, as well as establish dependencies by linking tasks. Add and assign resources to a project, work with project calendars, and enter project costs, such as standard, variable, and fixed costs. Apply page setup options, create headers and footers, insert page breaks, and preview and print project information. Apply task type settings, modify fixed tasks, set task constraints, and define and format the critical path. Apply preset and custom contours, edit resource assignments, identify and resolve resource overallocations, and set and modify a baseline. Track the progress of a project, update tasks and the schedule, and compare baseline and actual data. Sort, filter, and group views. Format views and format the Gantt Chart.


Basic computer concepts/skills and knowledge of Windows.

Registering at least one week before the deadline is recommended as this class may fill up or be cancelled due to low enrollment.

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Duration: 2 days

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