iPad/iPhone Level 2

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This course is designed to introduce essential topics for operating your iPad/iPhone beyond the topics covered in iPad/iPhone Basics. The two main areas covered are: 1) connecting your iPad/iPhone to your computer and 2) third-party apps. In regarding to connecting to your computer we will explore using the iTunes software to back-up your iPad/iPhone, manage the settings on your iPad/iPhone and transfer documents and content to your iPad/iPhone. We will also explore how to transfer photos and videos to and from your device. Finally we will look at how to deal with using multiple computers with one device and multiple devices on one computer. In regards to third-party apps, we will look at how to find and evaluate good apps; how to download and manage you apps; how to sync apps across multiple devices and how to remove apps. We will also go through the various categories of productivity apps you may want to have on your iPad/iPhone and our recommendation(s) for apps in each category.


An iPad/iPhone is not provided with this training workshop. Users are expected to bring their own iPad/iPhone or simply follow along on the projection screen. iPad/iPhone Level 1 or equivalent experience is a prerequisite.

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Duration: 1 day(s)
Cost: $200.00

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