iPad/iPhone Working with Documents

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This course is designed to introduce to all aspects of working with documents on your iPad/iPhone. We will explore how to get documents on and off your iPad via email, via transfer from your computer, via download and via apps that allow you to access network drive or synchronize files. We will explore how your iPad/iPhone deals with documents, how you can view them, transfer them between apps and save them. We will then explore how you can annotate documents, especially PDFs, and how to properly save and send these annotated documents. Following this we will look at how to edit documents on the iPad/iPhone. Finally we will look at note taking on the iPad/iPhone: typed notes, hand-written notes, audio notes, photo captured notes and combination of these types.

This workshop will specifically demonstrate certain recommended third-party apps: iWork, QuickOffice Pro HD, Documents To Go, Good Reader, iAnnotate, Evernote, Noteshelf, Audionote. Most of these apps must be purchased. You do NOT need to purchase these apps before the workshop unless you wish to work in the app during the workshop


An iPad/iPhone is not provided with this training workshop. Users are expected to bring their own iPad/iPhone or simply follow along on the projection screen. iPad/iPhone Level 1 or equivalent experience is a prerequisite.

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Duration: 1 day
Cost: $200.00

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