Learning Day 2018

The implementation of technology in the workplace is rapidly increasing. However, with limited training and continuous software updates, employees only use a fraction of a programs’ true potential. This disconnect between what functions a program can perform and which functions employees use creates inefficiencies in workflow. To showcase the possibilities with technology, the Technology Training Center presents Learning Day: Connect to Productivity, a symposium dedicated to educating attendees on software applications to increase productivity. 

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dana ditomaso headshot

Dana DiTomaso (Keynote)

Topic: How Automation Can Increase Your Productivity

Dana is President & Partner at Kick Point, where she applies marketing into strategies to grow clients' businesses, in particular to ensure that digital and traditional play well together. With her deep experience in digital, Dana can separate real solutions from wastes of time (and budget).

In her spare time, Dana is the past-president of the Advertising Club of Edmonton and is the weekly technology columnist on CBC Edmonton AM. She also enjoys drinking fancy beer and yelling at football players.

kevin moffitt headshot 

Kevin Moffitt 

Kevin is the manager of the Technology Training Centre and is an instructor with over 22 years of classroom experience. He teaches Windows, Publisher, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Dreamweaver, HTML, Sitecore, OneNote, and Live Meeting. 

Kevin began teaching computers to faculty and students while attaining his education degree. He started the TTC as a pilot project 1997. Under Kevin’s management and with excellent staff and instructors the TTC has grown into a highly respected institution in the province. Kevin travels all across the province (as far as Yellowknife) to provide training for TTC clients. Kevin’s easy going nature and approachability make him a favourite with TTC clients. He is often requested specifically for custom training. Kevin feels that there is always more to learn and enjoys fielding questions from attendees as this allows him to appreciate all the different uses that people apply to the software packages. 

Terrance Judge

With a history in technical support and sales, Terrance swapped careers 7 years ago, becoming a Digital Designer, Web Developer, and Technical Trainer. For the last two years he has been assisting the UofA Technology Training Center as an Instructor, relishing the opportunity to help others understand programs and modern technology the way he does.

krysta mcnutt headshot

Krysta McNutt

Krysta holds a PMP (Project Management Professional) designation through the Project Management Institute, is certified in Organizational Change Management with Prosci, and is trained as a Co-Active Coach and Playing Big Leadership Facilitator. Over the last decade, she has been the project manager and/or change consultant for large technology implementations, designed and facilitated programs for personal transformation, learning innovation, and organizational design in the post-secondary and public sector.

After project managing the largest Google Apps migration in Canada (University of Alberta), and consulting as change manager for the first Canadian city to “go Google” (City of Edmonton), her experience in corporate training and technology solutions brought her to University of Alberta Faculty of Education to manage educational technology projects and social change efforts in teaching and learning. She was selected by the Ministry of Advanced Education’s Campus Alberta OER steering committee to manage a 3-year $2M provincial initiative, overseeing 40+ projects resulting in $500,000 in students savings, a projected $5.5M cost savings (over five years), and launched a provincial community of practice.

As an independent consultant, she helped organizations navigate change through learning/development strategy and leadership coaching. Since concluding her consulting career to focus on family, she now teaches project management part-time and works at the University of Alberta Centre for Teaching and Learning on faculty development initiatives related to the open education movement.

leo cuciz headshot

Leo Cuciz

Leo has taught technology and business marketing concepts to individuals and businesses for over 15 years. His courses have helped hundreds of businesses to acquire clients, market effectively, and integrate technology to automate businesses and streamline processes. His approachable nature, class interaction, and integrated ‘hands on’ lessons, make learning fun and motivate students to grasp the given concept more readily.

With 20 years of teaching experience prior to starting his business, Leo integrates a multitude of learning methods. Using a variety of instructional modalities, his students grasp, retain and implement the topics being presented. A combination of practical knowledge, real business examples, and years of technical training, ensure student comprehension. A fun, hands on approach to learning assures that his classes are enjoyable.

Leo is president of Micromax Design and Consulting Inc., a Multimedia Website Design and SEO firm that helps clients achieve greater efficiency, productivity and incoming lead flow via application of their technologies.

Colin Lucas Rider headshot 

Colin Lucas Rider

Colin is a SharePoint Solutions architect with Create Simple inc. He has been working with and teaching SharePoint since 2003.

Breakout Sessions

Microsoft Office Productivity Tips
Speaker: Kevin Moffitt 

Highlighting tips and tools Microsoft Office users should be taught on day one, you will leave this session able to go back to work immediately more productive. Kevin will offer the best tips from over 20 years of technology training with a focus on Word, Excel, and PowerPoint with a couple of Windows tips thrown in for good measure. This is training every Microsoft user should know.

Outlook Productivity and Time Management
Speaker: Kevin Moffitt 

Learn to tame your inbox and become more productive with Outlook. In this session, Kevin will share with you the many tips that will help you save time and have Outlook working for you. Time tested techniques that will raise your productivity level and teach you to manage your time, tasks and activities.

Excel Pivot Tables
Speaker: Kevin Moffitt 

Learn the office gurus' secrets on how easy Excel pivot tables are to use. In this practical and information-packed session, you will see how to maximize this program's functions and capabilities.

Most organizations rely heavily on Microsoft Excel pivot tables to analyze and report financial information. Your company is probably no exception. By learning these advanced techniques, you can become more valuable to your organization.

Learn how to work with the numerous pivot table options and system settings to become skilled in developing useful reports within your company. Impress your coworkers by creating functional and eye-catching interactive dashboards using a combination of pivot tables, Pivot Charts, and Slicers.

Google Apps: A Suite for Online Productivity
Speaker: Terrance Judge 

Come and get a glimpse of the Google Suite and how it can help you share files, collaborate quickly, keep track of your projects, and help you be efficient & productive. We will look at tools like the new Gmail interface, sharing settings for Google Drive and Docs, and integration with project management tools.

Adobe Creative Cloud: What to Use for Each Project
Speaker: Terrance Judge

Using the right tool(s) for a project is important, but with more than 22+ programs, it can be difficult to know which to use. Get an overview of the main apps that are part of the Creative Cloud, what they can do, and when to use them.

Open Practices in Project Management
Speaker: Krysta McNutt 

This session will explore open practices and examples that could benefit your project(s). You'll walk away with a few easy tools to help increase the transparency of your project or initiative and some frameworks to apply open leadership to your work no matter what your role on the project is.

Project Planning & Facilitation Skills: Speed Run
Speaker: Krysta McNutt 

Learn through practice in this active session where we will do a "speed run" sampler of facilitating project planning in a group setting. You'll leave with a template session guide to get started and run your own planning workshops like a pro. 

Business Automation Using Technology and Digital Tools
Speaker: Leo Cuciz 

Want to save time and money by automating processes that can be handled systematically and professionally? Allowing employees to take care of mundane tasks is fine, but they should be spending their time doing much more profitable, higher level, and useful business activities.

Is your company or organization spending too much time: answering phones, describing product or service details, contacting prospective clients, or demonstrating processes repeatedly?

Utilizing the right products and services can assist you with automating many business processes. Applying the ‘right’ technologies will allow your company or organization to be more efficient, and ultimately, more profitable. 

Social Media Marketing to Attract Clients and Survey Your Audience
Speaker: Leo Cuciz 

Are you or your employees spending valuable company time on social media hoping to get a return on your investment?

Social media platforms can be very effective in: building a brand, marketing your products, promoting your services, creating leads, and surveying your target audience. In order for social media to work effectively for your business or organization, one must pre-determine their goals and apply/use the correct social media platform with a clear and concise strategy.

This course will teach you how to effectively (and quickly): Determine your business goals and how social media can assist you, Select appropriate social media channels to accomplish your goal, Create and plan an effective social media strategy, Set up those social media channels properly and effectively, brand your product/services using social media, Survey your audience using social media, Inform, educate and attract potential employees using social media, Manage, automate and delegate social media tasks for maximum effectiveness. 

Search Engine Optimization Basics: Get Traffic to Your Website with Simple Tools and Tactics
Speaker: Leo Cuciz 

Is traffic to your website important to your business/organization? Do you need to drive potential customers in your competitive sector to your website?

Learn the basics of SEO by mastering the basic principles: Determine your niche or market you want to dominate (specificity), Proper keyword research, Survey and examine your competition, Proper Website setup and integration, Tactics to allow Google to ‘like’ and ‘notice’ your website, Analyze your results – test, measure, apply, Basic Google Advertising principles, Set up and integrate a Google AdWords Account, Basic website conversion strategies. 

YouTube for Fun, Marketing Success, and Profit
Speaker: Leo Cuciz 

Why is YouTube such an important part of an overall digital marketing strategy? YouTube is not solely utilized for creating fun home and personal videos. It can be a very effective vehicle for educating and marketing to your target audience. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world! Rank well and organize your YouTube videos properly, and you can also benefit from this digital powerhouse!

To make YouTube work properly for your business or organization, you must follow sound principles and proven tactics that have allowed many companies and individuals experience great success and growth using this medium.

In order for YouTube to be effective for you, it is important that you: Set up your custom YouTube Channel Properly, Use easy, yet effective equipment, to capture your video, Properly edit, title and ‘animate’ your video, Optimize your video within YouTube for maximum effectiveness and exposure, Use a proven formula for your YouTube videos to get attention, educate and provide a call to action, Integrate YouTube into other social media, Use collaborative methods and mobile technology to capture video and inform clients/students/target audience quickly and in a timely fashion, Properly Integrate YouTube into your corporate or organizational website, Analyze the effectiveness of your YouTube program with analytics, Expand and capitalize your YouTube channel and media library to create courses that inform, educate and monetize your knowledge.

What is Office 365?
Speaker: Colin Lucas Rider

Want to know what Office 365 is? Are you unsure of how to use all the different apps that Microsoft provides as part of Office 365? Learn an overview of Office 365, different tools and how they can be used, and online multiple editing of documents.

What is SharePoint Online?
Speaker: Colin Lucas Rider 

SharePoint Online is the latest SharePoint release from Microsoft as part of the Office365 offering. What is the difference between SharePoint Online and SharePoint on prem. Learn how to preview the new modern Sites feature, when to use SharePoint vs when to use OneDrive, and SharePoint as an Intranet.

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