Good news from Government of Alberta's Budget 2017

Today's provincial budget is good news for post-secondary education in Alberta. The Government of Alberta has honoured its promise to provide stable and predictable funding to our sector. On behalf of all of the students, faculty, and staff at the University of Alberta, I thank the provincial government for its 2 per cent increase to our Campus Alberta grant and for its steadfast support of the U of A and post-secondary education and research in the province.

We are especially pleased to receive capital funding of $149 million for the first four years of the Dentistry Pharmacy Building refurbishment project. The team in Facilities and Operations has been planning for this work since 2012 and are ready to proceed quickly. One of the oldest and most iconic U of A buildings, Dent/Pharm will be renovated to provide critical teaching, academic and administrative space in the heart of the North Campus. The project will also create an estimated 18,750 worker-days of employment for the regional economy. Our thanks to the Government of Alberta for this significant investment and their commitment to ensuring that we can maintain a critical asset and beloved historical building.

Thanks to the 2 per cent increase and this much needed capital funding, the University of Alberta will continue to deliver on its core teaching and research mission for the public good, providing accessible, affordable and quality educational experience to our students. We will also to continue to play a key role in providing the research and education needed for economic diversification. A thriving post-secondary education and research environment is critical to the recovery and long-term prosperity of the province.

David H. Turpin, CM, PhD, LLD, FRSC
President and Vice-Chancellor