10 Stories From The World of Higher Ed

Academic hoaxes, PDF burnout, the summer slump, and more are included in this latest collection of PSE stories from around the web.

Your rights, my rights: Academic freedom faces off with a clarion call for safety on campus

The Globe and Mail
Academic freedom and progressive politics don't always mix well - but each needs the other to prosper. At UBC, John Ibbitson explores the clash of ideas between a diverse student body, free-speech advocates eager to offend, professors caught up in controversy and the influence of private money.

Equity & Excellence are Mutually Conducive; A response to Ms. Wente, Globe & Mail June 10th

Imogen Coe on Medium
Responding to a recent editorial by the Globe and Mail's Margaret Wente, Imogen Coe, Dean of the Faculty of Science at Ryerson University contests the notion that academia operates within a "fair and equal" system, arguing that "surely you know that, like the rest of society, this is a falsehood."

Provincial Councils on Credit Transfer Expand Agreement to Enhance Student Mobility across Canada

Pan-Canadian Consortium on Admissions & Transfer
The provincial councils responsible for facilitating academic credit transfer are signing an expanded Memorandum of Understanding to enhance and formalize pathways for student transfer across Canada.

The Unseen Labor of Mentoring

How to keep helping marginalized students without jeopardizing your own career.

New Global Skills Strategy will bring global talent to Canada's universities

Universities Canada
Canada's new Global Skills Strategy will be vital in supporting universities' efforts to attract and retain top researchers and innovators from around the world, according to a recent Universities Canada release.

The Dehumanities

Inside Higher Ed
Many humanists have difficulty presenting their case because they are used to speaking one way among themselves and another way to outsiders, argue Gary Saul Morson and Morton Schapiro.

Crash and burn (out): 5 stages of postdoctoral collapse

University Affairs
Funding struggles, job insecurity and pressure to perform are obvious contributors but do they tell the whole story?

What the 'Conceptual Penis' Hoax Does and Does Not Prove

The Chronicle of Higher Education
The latest academic fake-out making headlines says less about scholarly standards than you may think.

It's a Dangerous Business, Being a Female Professor

The Chronicle of Higher Education
Who would call and threaten a professor with rape?

More Than a 'Summer Slump': How the Loss of Structure Affects Academics

The Chronicle of Higher Education
The community and structure an instructor builds during the academic year can disappear each summer, when the bulk of his or her research is conducted. Many scholars struggle with the solitude.