Have You Met… Melanie?

Have you met Melanie Kulczycki, medical secretary in gastroenterology, and the U of A's unofficial Corporate Challenge Queen? Spend a few…

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Have you met Melanie Kulczycki, medical secretary in gastroenterology, and the U of A's unofficial Corporate Challenge Queen? Spend a few minutes getting to know her better.

Where is your favorite place on campus?

The P.A.W. Centre.

Tablet or paper?


Name one thing you've brought to work from home.

Lots of food. I'm a huge eater.

What is the one thing you can't live without?

My phone… it's terrible.

You can invite anyone - alive or dead, real or fictional - to dinner. Who would it be?

Oprah - she's full of good advice and positive energy.

If you could switch jobs with someone else on campus for a week, what would you do?

I think I'd work in Phys Ed… maybe as a coach? I love sports and activity.

If you could solve any problem in the world, what would it be?

Obesity. I work for a liver specialist, so we see a lot of fatty liver patients - and it can be prevented. I'd actually like to go back to school to become a dietician or a nutritionist.

How long have you worked at the U of A, and how many years have you participated in Corporate Challenge?

It will be 11 years in July - and this should be my 11th year for Corporate Challenge. I actually started when I was with Capital Health, so when I came to U of A I searched it up right away.

Image for PostCorporate Challenge 2017: Heart & Stroke Big Bike

What events have you done?

Power pull, dodgeball, the unknown challenge, the obstacle courses, softball, mountain biking… I've done spirit challenges, and I always do the Heart & Stroke Big Bike, and the blood donor challenge. I've also volunteered - one year I did the race-walk, and another year I did Badminton.

What keeps you coming back?

It's a chance to meet new people, and to get out of my bubble and try new things.

What events are you planning to do this year?

I'm looking at the obstacle course… and I'm captain of the Unknown Challenge, which is so much fun. I always say it's like a mix between Amazing Race and Survivor.

What advice would you give to someone joining Corporate Challenge for the first time?

Don't be afraid if you think you aren't good enough, or aren't athletic - just get out there and have fun!

What 3 words best describe your U of A experience?

Positive. Content. Healthy.

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Melanie Kulczycki has worked in the Department of Medicine, Division of Gastroenterology for the past 11 years for one of our top Hepatologists.

She enjoys her position immensely, but also enjoys being active in the community by volunteering her time to events such as Bust A Move, Mud Heros and especially Corporate Challenge, where she always takes part in the Big Bike Challenge (among other events).

Want to join Melanie at Corporate Challenge 2018? Find a team, sign up to volunteer, or register to donate blood here.herehere.