Moving-in Across Campus

Three years ago, I packed up my car and drove from BC to Alberta with my parents. Honestly, my first Move-in Day was a blur. I was nervous…

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Three years ago, I packed up my car and drove from BC to Alberta with my parents. Honestly, my first Move-in Day was a blur. I was nervous about saying goodbye to my family, so I once I made it to my room, I focused on unpacking and trying to make some friends to help settle me in. I remember there was a lot of excitement that day, but it was hard to enjoy it all in that moment.

In 2016, I came back to residence as a second-year student - but returned in a new role: I was a Resident Assistant. I saw this opportunity as my chance to welcome and guide a group of eager first-years, and knew that Move-in Day would help set the tone for the rest of the university experience. It was so special watching residents and their families go through this bittersweet day, but I'm a sucker for a sappy goodbye and there are a lot of goodbyes to see on Move-in Day.

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Last year, I got to see Move-In Day from a new perspective as I'd stepped into the role of a Senior Resident Assistant. I spent the day selling tower swag to incoming residents and introduced them to the tradition of healthy tower competitions. Even before unpacking, everyone was so excited to be sorted into their respective towers - since this designation inevitably guides your year! Living in residence is a great way to connect with the campus community at large, but it all starts with the connections you make on your own floor and building community.

Now, this year will mark my fourth Move-In Day and I am looking forward to experiencing it for the first time from a campus-wide perspective! As the Residence Engagement & Events Intern, I coordinate over 200 volunteers, incorporating our campus and community partners (including bringing puppies to East Campus), with an overall goal of welcoming each new resident. Nearly 5,000 students will move into residence at the University of Alberta on August 27, and for many of them, it will mark the start of their student life experience, which is why for the last few months, our team has been preparing for this exciting day.

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I feel so fortunate to have lived in residence at the U of A for the past three years, making so many memories and friendships that I will hold with me forever. Some of these friendships began on my first Move-in Day. And the support from the U of A's faculty and staff that I received when I said that first good-bye to my family helped to inspire my experience ever since.

If you'd like to help this year's new residents feel at home, you can still contribute to the welcoming vibes! Consider volunteering on Move-in Day 2018. Sign up here or email with any questions.

Adrienne Lutzke - Residence Engagement & Events Intern, Residence Services

Adrienne works in Lister Centre, assisting with residence projects for both the Residence Life team and Marketing & Communications team within Facilities & Operations. Move-in Day is her biggest project of the year, and she's looking forward to sharing all her hard work with new residents!