Thank you for your support! Wrapping Up the 2018 United Way Fundraiser

Ours is a community that doesn’t just embrace a challenge, we tackle it. Yes, we do the public good through our contributions to the…

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Ours is a community that doesn’t just embrace a challenge, we tackle it. Yes, we do the public good through our contributions to the academy and the education of each new generation. But we also have the capacity to come together to give our goodwill, share our compassion, and uplift those neighbours, families, and friends in need of extra support.

We’ve been lucky enough to see this firsthand as the co-chairs of the university’s annual United Way fundraiser these past two years. The philanthropic spirit is alive and well in our community — and it’s one that stretches across our campuses, our disciplines, and even our ages. It’s inspired those who can, to share their time and good fortunes. Through their own stories, others have reminded us of the very real need for community funded programming. And others still have egged us on to continue in our efforts to get involved.

In the last two years, faculty, staff, and students have raised $1,349,135 for the programs and services supported by The United Way. Our efforts from last semester alone have raised enough funds to:

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  • put together emergency food hampers for 235 individuals in need of immediate help;
  • fill the stomachs of children in 71 classrooms through healthy lunch programs;
  • assist 8,437 adults with their financial literacy education;
  • offer newcomers 712 hours of assistance securing employment;
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  • connect individuals with the Distress Line for over two months;
  • provide child-parent programming for 1424 local families.

For all that you’ve done — and, we know that you’ll continue to do — we’d like to thank you for making these very real and very much needed supports a reality. We extend this thanks to each donor, volunteer, committee and working group member, event planner and participant.

We’re looking forward to seeing next year’s co-chairs, Jennifer Tupper (Dean, Faculty of Education) and Rob Munro (Acting Associate Vice President, Risk Management Services), add their creativity, passion, and philanthropic spirit to the community’s fundraising efforts. So, on behalf of the university’s 2018 United Way Committee and all of the children, seniors, families, and individuals who benefit from our collective willingness to give, share, and uplift — thank you for your help in 2018.

Lesley and Marion

Lesley Cormack — Dean, Faculty of Arts

Lesley is a historian of science, interested in the history of geography and mathematics in early modern England and Europe. She has been dean of arts with the University of Alberta since 2010 and was previously dean of arts and social sciences at Simon Fraser University (2007–2010). Prior to that, she spent 17 years at the U of A as a professor, taking on associate chair (2000–2002) and chair (2003–2007) roles with the Department of History and Classics. Lesley holds a master of arts and PhD, both from the University of Toronto.

Marion Haggarty-France — University Secretary

Marion joined the University Governance unit at the University of Alberta in 2009 as the University Secretary. Prior to this role, she served as the Senior Administrative Officer in the Office of the Provost for twelve years. She initially joined the U of A as the Communications Coordinator for the Sustainable Forest Management Network. She holds a Bachelor’s of Arts in Honours History and has earned the ICD.D designation.