President Turpin announces future plans

Dear colleagues, students, and friends,

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Dear colleagues, students, and friends,

Today I informed the Board of Governors that I will not be seeking reappointment as president of the University of Alberta when my term ends on June 30, 2020. I am announcing this now to allow the Board sufficient time to search for my successor.

The U of A is truly an exceptional institution and being your president is an extraordinarily fulfilling position. Having the support of the best leadership team I have ever worked with, and knowing that I have the unwavering support and encouragement of the Board and Board Chair Michael Phair, has made this decision especially difficult.

Indeed, Suromitra and I have needed several months to weigh multiple personal and professional factors. We treasure how warmly we have been engaged in the university and broader Edmonton community, and we have made lifelong friends and connections.

Every day at the U of A, I have the privilege of interacting with the best and brightest students, world-leading scholars, and dedicated and enthusiastic staff. In such a rich environment, I am constantly learning new things and facing new and exciting challenges. There is no doubt that this work has been the highlight of my academic career.

Together, we have created For the Public GoodFor the Public Good, a document and plan that speaks to our values and lays out our collective aspirations. The initiatives that are flowing from For the Public Good, too numerous to detail today, are enriching the work that we do every day.

My career now spans 40 years, with nearly 30 of them spent in university leadership. Although it is much too soon to know what the future will hold, when my term ends, Suromitra and I want to be able to explore and take on other opportunities that will allow us to continue to make lasting contributions to the community and Canada.

For the next 15 months, my primary focus remains the U of A. Through municipal, provincial and national channels, I will be working to create the opportunities, build the funding programs, and attract the resources and partnerships we need to accomplish our goals. Together, we will push forward on key academic initiatives and continue the implementation of major institutional initiatives to ensure the long-term sustainability of our university.

None of this work will be possible without the continued efforts and dedication of all of you. Leading the University of Alberta has been — and continues to be — a privilege and an honour and I look forward to accomplishing the goals we set together in For the Public Good.

David H. Turpin

President and Vice-Chancellor