Don't Feel Clueless: 10 Library Perks You Can Make the Most Of

As the University of Alberta Libraries communication person, I often hear from colleagues "Wow, I didn't know the libraries did that!" So…

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As the University of Alberta Libraries communication person, I often hear from colleagues "Wow, I didn't know the libraries did that!" So, please join me as I use some nostalgic cinematic moments from the film Clueless to take you on a listicle journey of library perks that are available to you as the people who work and study at this fine educational establishment.

Is you phone dying? We have all the different charging cables and a code storage locker that you can keep your phone while it charges. Maybe you are tired of that thing and just want to put it out of reach for a few hours? We've got you covered.

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We loan out laptops with Adobe Creative Suite, in addition to voice recorders, tripods, digital cameras and more.

Treadmill desks, standing desks, and height adjustable desks for all.

From cute little bots that can be controlled by mobile devices to more complex robot building sets (including a few LEGO Mindstorm kits), there are kits geared towards every age and technical experience level. They can be found at the Bibliotheque Saint-Jean and Coutts Education Library.

Usually at some point, a moment comes up where one can ask, "can I 3D print that?" And in the library, the answer is "come find out." For example, I made a cup-holder for my car. You might be able to make something just as (or more) functional or you might be able to make something more imaginative and artistic.

Keep on top of critically-acclaimed cinema with these great services (some of which can be connected to your streaming box).

PS - In case you were wondering, yes, Clueless is available .Clueless is available .

Tools like blue light blocking glasses can be found in the Scott Library - handy for anyone who needs to grab some shuteye.

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We have what you need to keep up with current events like New York Times Digital, Globe & Mail, New Yorker, and Vogue (the whole archives back to 1892!!!)

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This online periodical tool is great if you want to keep up with your favourite academic journals on your digital devices.

For all you bibliophiles, you can request to see items in the gorgeous and sophisticated Bruce Peel Special Collections located in the basement of Rutherford South. For a glimpse, check out this tweet from our friend Winston Pei. Or this one.

So that should give you lots to try out at the library over the quiet summer months. Be sure to tell your students your favourite library perks.

Meredith Bratland - Strategic Communications Manager

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Meredith is the Strategic Communications Manager for the University of Alberta Libraries. She has worked with both public and rural libraries, in addition to academia. She's passionate about libraries and their role in community engagement.