Migration Season: Moving from Sitecore to Cascade CMS

By Tim Schneider

By Tim Schneider

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On Thursday, November 14, 2019 the first phase of University of Alberta websites using our new Enterprise Web Content Management System (CMS), Cascade, will launch.

This phase of the project includes slightly more than 600 pages. Specific sites included in this portion include the U of A homepage (ualberta.ca) and a number of top-level pages and content immediately under the homepage: Admissions & Programs, Faculties, Campus Life, News & Events, and About U of A.

In addition to these top level pages, there are a number of sites managed by University Relations and central units that will also launch as part of Phase One. These include:

While the content and structure of sites moving to Cascade remains exactly the same as the Sitecore version, there are some slight design changes that have implemented with the move to Cascade. These changes do not have a major impact on the user experience, but they are noticeable when moving between Sitecore sites and Cascade sites. Full details on these differences can be found here.

Over the next year, University Relations will work with all groups using Sitecore to migrate approximately 200 websites to Cascade.

Details on the Cascade CMS and the migration project are available on our Cascade CMS website. The site contains information on the product, training, and support, and will feature updates on the migration project as we move towards full adoption of Cascade at the U of A.

Tim Schneider
Executive Director, Digital
Office of the Vice-President (University Relations)