Nominations Open for 2020 IT Awards

Recognize an individual or team for their outstanding contributions to advancing the university's IT agenda.

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The Office of the Vice-Provost and Associate Vice-President (Information Services & Technology) is pleased to be celebrating the tenth year of sponsoring IT Awards. This year in particular, the University community was faced with unprecedented challenges and had to adapt quickly to new ways of working, teaching, and learning. IT professionals have done an incredible job in a short amount of time to support these new challenges and continue to adapt as we move forward.

If you know an individual or team who has demonstrated excellence in information technology, we encourage you to celebrate their efforts by sending in a nomination.

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IT Awards celebrate efforts of the University of Alberta's talented information technology faculty, staff, and students in the following five award categories:

IT Distinguished Career Award

The IT Distinguished Career Award recognizes one support staff or academic member for their outstanding contributions to advancing the U of A's IT agenda. The successful nominee will be a current or recently retired employee with an outstanding IT career of at least 15 years at the U of A, and they will have demonstrated leadership that had a major impact on a unit or across the University.

IT Ambassador Award

The IT Ambassador Award recognizes one support staff or academic member for outstanding technology leadership and contributions. The successful nominee will have demonstrated exceptional leadership to their department, faculty or unit and made notable IT contributions to the University community.

IT Innovation Award

The IT Innovation Award recognizes one support staff or academic member and one team for their innovative use of hardware and/or software technology to successfully deploy a major IT project with significant impact to research, teaching, administration and/or the university experience. The successful nominees will have made a significant impact to a department, faculty, unit, or to the University.

IT Client Service Award

The IT Client Service Award recognizes one non-academic staff member and one team for providing a high quality of service to a faculty, unit, or department.

IT Unsung Hero Award

The IT Unsung Hero Award recognizes a non-academic staff member who has made a significant and largely unrecognized contribution to IT at the U of A. The successful nominee will have made an important, often uncelebrated improvement to the quality of the IT environment offered by a department, faculty or unit, or to the university overall.

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Nominations are due May 22. To learn more, visit