Message from the Provost: News on Extension

Some changes in the Faculty of Extension are complete, including moving research and for-credit teaching activities into other faculties.

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A few weeks ago, I shared that changes were underway in the Faculty of Extension. Some of those changes are now nearly complete, including moving research and for-credit teaching activities into other faculties.

The goal of these changes has been to ensure that the existing degree-credit teaching and research functions originally offered through Extension would continue to grow and flourish while also reaching more students. Today these graduate programs and the scholars undertaking this work have found new academic homes.

The School of Public Health is welcoming returning and new students to carry on with their studies in the Master of Arts in Community Engagement (MACE) graduate program and Community-Based Research and Evaluation (CBRE) embedded certificate. Similarly, the Faculty of Arts is now the home for the Master of Arts in Communications and Technology (MACT) graduate program and its students.

The academic staff who drive these programs and the community engagement scholarship that fuels them, have joined the Faculty of Arts, School of Public Health, Faculty of Agricultural, Life & Environmental Sciences, Alberta School of Business, Faculty of Education, and Faculty of Science.

The Community-University Partnership (CUP) research centre will also move to the School of Public Health. CUP is a world-class research centre and its expertise in using research and evaluation to improve the lives of children, youth, and families across the province will complement the activities already underway in the School of Public Health.

Extension's other core functions, which include serving the university as a hub for continuing and professional education and supporting international students through the English Language School will continue and we are looking forward to growing these activities even further.

I want to sincerely thank each of the faculty members for their continuing contributions to the university. Their unwavering commitment to community engaged scholarship and their students is why these programs will endure and grow.

I also want to thank interim dean Maria Mayan for her incredible efforts to preserve Extension's unique, interdisciplinary work and ensure it carries on for the betterment of the University and our communities.

Thank you for all that you've done and all that you will continue to bring to the university community.

Steven Dew
Provost & Vice-president (Academic)