Remote Work Continues Through Winter Semester

Andrew Sharman shares that there will also be no change to our current work remotely directive before April 30, 2021.

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For those of us in Alberta, a look outside provides a reminder that the seasons are changing and that winter is on its way. As it approaches, even in this unusual year, there are a number of routine things that we will all do to prepare - our students will refine their course schedules for the coming semester and instructors will carry on with their lesson planning for the next term. For other faculty and staff, the work routines that we've established over the last number of months will continue too.

The health, safety and wellbeing of our community continues to guide all university activity. As we anticipate remaining in Phase 2 of our relaunch plan until at least the end of the Winter 2021 semester - particularly with the sustained increase in COVID-19 cases - there will also be no change to our current work remotely directive before April 30, 2021. Faculty and staff members who are currently working remotely will continue to do so for the Winter semester. The exemptions approved for the Fall will continue as well. Our remote work plan will be revisited by university leaders again in mid-March.

For some, this confirmation brings a sense of relief; for others, it will be difficult news as some challenges of remote work remain. With the coming change in season and semester, please take this time to review your remote work set-up; if there are items from the office that would help improve your home workstation, talk to your supervisor. Within your teams, pause to reflect on what is and isn't working well when it comes to your points of connection. Although we are largely apart, this is a shared experience that we will get through together - thanks in no small part to our ongoing compassion, patience, and willingness to adapt.

Andrew Sharman
Vice-President (Facilities & Operations)
Executive Lead, Public Health Response Team

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