In photos: Flight PS752 memorial and tree dedication ceremony

The U of A and Edmonton communities gathered to unveil a place of quiet reflection in memory of those killed in the downing of Flight PS752.

Flight PS752

On January 8, 2020 ten members of the U of A community, and three members of their families, were killed in the downing of Flight PS752 alongside 163 others. Since the memorial, so many people have worked hard to ensure that these individuals are not forgotten and that their kindness and talents live on. 

Many of these efforts have culminated in a memorial site on Rutherford Quad. The memorial site was unveiled during a community event on May 3, 2022 attended by Iranian-Canadian, Edmonton and University of Alberta communities, Her Honour, the Honourable Salma Lakhani, Lieutenant Governor of Alberta, President Flanagan and Chancellor Garritty. Pegah Salari, an alumna who emceed the memorial service in January 2020 and has remained dedicated to sharing the stories of those we lost in this tragedy, emceed the event.

The memorial features a bench, plaque and weeping spruce tree that represents a humble, continuous sadness and will decorate the reflection space no matter the season. Developed in consultation with the families of the victims and the Iranian-Canadian community, this place for quiet reflection serves as a reminder of how important these individuals were to the U of A and broader communities. It is a lasting tribute to their legacy and memory for all those who visit North Campus.

All are welcome to visit the memorial site. 

All photos by Curtis Comeau Photography.