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Subunit Logos

Consistency in appearance is vital when building equity in our visual identity. For this reason alone it is always preferable to use the main University of Alberta logo as it represents the most recognizable mark at the highest level possible within our logo system. However, it is understood that in some instances the need for sub-branding is also important, and this system was designed to provide a consistent approach for this need.

The subunit logo is based on an endorsed brand approach and as such has specific rules surrounding the hierarchy of information. The subunit logo is built on a three tier model. The first tier is always reserved for the “University of Alberta” wordmark and cannot be altered in any way. The second tier allows for university-approved faculties, departments, institutes and centres to be identified.

The subunit logo may not be used on official stationery products, such as business cards, letterhead, and envelopes.


Subunit Logos - Two Tiers

The third tier is only to be used when it is essential to identify an additional level of administration within the logo. Due to its complicated and unwieldy visual appearance, this option should only be used when it is critical to the communication that a third level of hierarchy be identified. When using this option, the second tier is reserved for the faculty (or parent) only and cannot be switched or changed with the third tier.

Subunit Logos - Three Tiers