• 'off the shelf items" are printed in black
  • customized information in green or black and includes department
  • name and mailing address
  • secondary logos not permitted
  • slogans not permitted
  • the prominence of the words 'University of Alberta' in the logo make it unnecessary to repeat the wording within the mail address, but may be included if the user wishes

Administrative Unit Name

  • names of individuals not permitted


  • upper case reserved for acronyms only (ie: ECERF)
  • proper street addresses separated with 'space + en-dash + space', (e.g., 406, 4216 - 64 Ave), suite numbers precede address and are followed by a comma
  • 'St' (not St. or Street) and 'Ave' (not Ave. or Avenue)

City, Province, Postal Code

The following formatting ensures the timely and most cost-effective rates of any returned mail:

  • 'Edmonton AB' plus two spaces before postal code
  • 'Canada' on next line