Calgary Centre

The Calgary Centre vision is to provide an innovative University of Alberta service experience, offering a boutique of integrated education, personal enrichment and relationship-building opportunities through a variety of services:

Alumni Services

With over 20,000 alumni in Calgary and area, the Calgary Centre is committed to helping local graduates engage with the University of Alberta. As your Calgary alumni window to the U of A, we are dedicated to helping you stay connected by providing valuable services and creating opportunities for participation and involvement.

Stay Connected

The U of A Calgary Centre is a focal point for alumni programming offering diverse events through the academic year. Whether it be thought provoking lectures, athletics events or cultural celebrations, our goal is to help you connect with your alma mater locally in a meaningful way. 

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Opportunities for Involvement

Looking for opportunities to get involved with the U of A? The Calgary Centre can help you. There are many ways to get involved locally. We welcome your involvement with our Calgary Centre programming, with Calgary recruitment initiatives and/or through our Calgary based Alumni Advisory Group. We can also facilitate your involvement with your faculty, department and any other group at main campus in Edmonton.

Donor Services

By donating to the U of A, you are supporting life-changing research and a global education and student experience that is amongst the world’s best, and provides students with the opportunity to pursue their passions and careers, and take their achievements out into the world. Donors have many options when it comes to making gifts to the U of A. The type of gift you choose depends on several factors and our staff would be happy to meet with you to determine which method of giving makes sense to you for both your financial situation and your philanthropic goals.

Transformative is perhaps the best way to describe the thoughtful gifts received from all donors – alumni, friends, students, faculty, staff, students, foundations, organizations and corporations. The generosity of our donors has a direct impact on our University of Alberta community, providing the funds necessary to build a foundation of excellence and the talent to achieve it. We want to ensure that we are providing the best possible education and research, while also promoting a positive student experience and strong community service. We simply cannot do this alone and are incredibly grateful for your contributions to the knowledge energy that we are so very proud!