2019 Honorees

Meet the 2019 recipients of the Community Connections Awards.

Community Scholar

Megan Strickfaden, Community Scholar

Megan Strickfaden, Community Scholar

Megan Strickfaden

Professor, Faculty of Agricultural, Life & Environmental Sciences

As a design anthropologist, Dr. Strickfaden uses design to inspire better quality of life for those people who are often left vulnerable, marginalized, and disadvantaged by their environment. She works with cities and organizations around the world to bring her research to life: she has helped design purpose-built dementia care facilities, improve transportation systems for persons with disabilities, and re-imagine urban planning to support people with visual impairments. She extends her academic impact by leading inclusive exhibitions and festivals to further empower people of all abilities through the arts. By engaging students in her community-centered research, she kindles their empathy and inspires future leaders to build more inclusive, supportive communities.

Community Leader

Lisa Prins, Community Leader

Lisa Prins, Community Leader

Lisa Prins

Humanities 101 Coordinator

Ms. Prins follows a passion for post-secondary education that has helped found whole learning communities beyond the borders of campus. As the coordinator for Humanities 101, she brings free university-level courses to passionate learners who face economic, institutional, and social barriers to education. The close relationships she forges with inner-city organizations enable her to engage people with some of the greatest barriers-homeless, incarcerated and formerly-incarcerated communities-in university-level learning that changes the trajectory of lives. Her unparalleled ability to create inclusive educational spaces and respond to community needs has inspired hundreds of students to re-think education, privilege, and the impact they can have on their communities.

UAlberta Advocate

UAlberta Advocate Award: Recruitment Outreach & Work Experiences Team - City of Edmonton

Edmonton Recruitment Outreach & Work Experiences Team, UAlberta Advocate

Talent Outreach & Work Experience Programs

City of Edmonton

The Edmonton Talent Outreach and Work Experience team has made an unmatched commitment to connecting U of A students with transformative experiences that kick-start careers and open them to future opportunities. They consistently enable and encourage their full network of city employees to participate in job shadowing, opening up a diversity of new experiences and opportunities for our students. Their dedication has helped countless students to overcome the perennial challenge of transitioning to the workforce by nurturing their talents to set them on a strong path forward. Recognizing the long-term impacts of supporting future talent, their investment in students continues to pay dividends in communities around the city and across the country.