Base Styles

This section contains all of the essential styling that the Sitecore 3 Framework is based off of. It contains details and some examples of base HTML elements and some classes that can be used to make them display in certain ways.


Base styles for headings, lists, paragraphs, and other type based elements.


Guidelines for types of images and various formatting classes that can be used.


An assortment of buttons that can be used throughout the framework.


An outline of how tables should be created and formatted within the framework.

Overriding and Creating Styles

In some cases you may wish to override the default styles provided with the framework, or add some of your own. Sitecore provides the ability to specify a stylesheet that contains your overrides and new styles. Do not use inline styles, as these add time to page load, increase difficulty of making changes at a later date, interfere with print styling, and can negatively impact search rankings. Also, as a best practice we strive to keep the presentation layer separate from the content.