Strategic Communications

University Strategic Communications is focused on enhancing and protecting the institutional reputation of the University of Alberta as one of the leading public universities in Canada and the world. We are inspired by and committed to supporting the strategic goals of For the Public Good , the university's institutional strategic plan. We build awareness and understanding of the U of A's transformative impact on students and society. We showcase the initiatives and stories that demonstrate the U of A's commitment to research and teaching excellence that leads to positive enduring change both close to home and around the world. We foster pride and engagement across our internal communities and campuses. Finally, we enable transparency and accountability around university administration and governance.

Areas of responsibility

Institutional Strategic Communications Planning

Our goal: To develop proactive, integrated and coordinated institutional strategic communications plans that advance the university's overall reputation as well as specific university strategic priorities and initiatives.

Our work: We strive for excellence in strategic communications by ensuring alignment, consistency and creativity in institutional key messaging, story-telling and advocacy.

Internal Communications

Our goal: To ensure that the university's community of faculty, staff and students have the information and opportunities they need to participate in the development and everyday life of the institution.

Our work: We strive to demystify the U of A's decision-making and governance processes through timely, clear and consistent communication efforts with the internal community. We also promote opportunities and events that allow internal community members to connect and engage with one another both in person and online.

Issues Management and Crisis Communications

Our goal: To protect and enhance the local, national and international reputation of the University of Alberta through timely, effective identification and management of reputational risks and issues, as well as through efficient and consistent communications leadership in periods of crisis and emergency.

Our work: We strive to foresee and to react to potential reputational risks, emergencies and crises with timely, clear and consistent messaging that reflects and re-affirms the university's brand, values, vision and strategic goals.

Social Media

Our goal: To create awareness, advance the reputation of the University of Alberta and widen the audience locally, nationally and internationally through meaningful, strategic and consistent engagement on social media.

Our work: We strive to foster relationships and intentional collaboration with internal partners and stakeholders-to bring others into the university experience through storytelling and engagement across multiple social media platforms that will help to create active, third-party advocates and ambassadors for the University of Alberta.