The procurement initiative will review and redesign the expenditure strategy for goods and services across the university. It is also examining the staffing involved in procurement and how to streamline these staffing processes.

The university sourced KPMG through a competitive bid process to review enterprise-wide procurement practices, including the following:

  • Strategic sourcing: benchmarking existing prices against the market and analyzing supplier fragmentation to find where consolidating our spending can achieve lower prices. ​
  • Category management: reviewing specifications available for key items, internal and supplier compliance, and opportunities for better supplier performance management.​
  • Demand management: reviewing spend policies against sector best practices, reviewing stock management and utilization levels for key categories.​

The procurement initiative team will report on findings from this review and make recommendations later in January 2021. The team anticipates that the review will identify several areas where the university can achieve cost savings. From there, the SET team will develop action plans to implement the recommendations.