Human resources principles

We understand that this is an enormously challenging time, particularly for those directly affected by job loss. The university is committed to offering support to our staff during the upcoming transitions and will adhere to the following principles throughout the administrative restructuring process.

To our employees, in the context of the pace at which we must progress, we commit to the following:

  • Recognize and acknowledge the anxiety and confusion that staff are feeling through the U of A for Tomorrow transformation;
  • Treat staff with compassion, dignity, empathy, and respect in our actions;
  • Understand the important and meaningful work that administrators do within our faculties and units and the valued contributions staff make to the university’s success;
  • Create a vibrant and healthy working environment that provides staff with meaningful work, engaging experiences, and fulfilling career paths;
  • Support staff if changes to their role and responsibilities occur;
  • Share consistent, transparent, clear, truthful, and timely information;
  • Provide services and supports to help staff build and maintain good mental health and wellbeing;
  • Be guided by the principles of equity, diversity, and inclusion in our decision making;
  • Engage NASA and AASUA in meaningful consultation regarding changes affecting staff terms and conditions of employment;
  • Follow the employment processes and practices outlined within our collective agreements, handbooks, policies, and legislation; and
  • Share the processes and steps being used to implement the new model once we have completed consultation with the unions.